Independent advice based on expert know-how.

Today collector‘s vehicles are simultaneously a moving form of non-standardised art, an asset class of its own and precious motoring heritage.

From own experience we know what that means and we know it is a long way to learn. We still keep on learning every day, as with 115 years of combustion automobiles, hundreds of manufacturers and literally thousands of models nobody can and does know everything. But we know whom to talk to.

Managing collections is so much more than purchase management. To find the right car upon client’s demand (racing heritage, condition, etc.) and check everything at least twice is just where it all starts. A solid strategy followed by a profound evaluation process is key to success. Gut-feeling and experience are the other side of the coin of very serious valuation processes based on facts and figures.

Managing collections is much more than collection development: Strategy implemented, timelines executed, pedigreeing performed and all those tasks based on controlled budgets result in sustainable value development.

It is a wide range we are finding necessary to perform: Networking with reliable worldwide partners in a direct, discrete, off-market and based on specialist know-how way. Supporting comprehensive restoration work. Securing eligibility for premium events, creating awareness. Let’s not forget for some clients prestige events have a social factor, we care for the right approach.

Entrust us to manage and create value.

"A racing driver has to be a good driver." Emerson Fittipaldi